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DISH Reviews

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  • false sales.

    When ordering asked for internet TV bundle. Was lead to believe that I was going to receive the bundle package. Find out after TV installation (wasn't informed that there would be two different installations needed), LOTS of calls (repeating myself) and agents later that internet is not available in my area. Tried to cancel account but they told me that I signed a contract. Informed them that no, I signed up for the bundle not just tv. Had to escalate call to the Office of the President to try to get a resolution. Agent tells me that she will have to listen to sales call and get back... More...
    beckab151's Picture   beckab151    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor customer service

    After months of cutting off cable and Internet, I called for information on Internet/bundle prices. The Dish representative, whoever his name was, made a series of rude questions and comments about not being able to afford it before. When I told him I was just looking to get informed he raised his voice and hung up. Dish should consider "upgrading" their representatives attitudes. Maybe kind customer service would sell more than having the best bundle deals. More...
    (Cable TV)
    Pleon1997's Picture   Pleon1997    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish ad ons to a bill

    I am a widow with Multiple sclerosis recently lost my job due to a relapse so I was unable to pay my already high bill. I decided to cancel and make arrangements to pay on my bill. My bill is $354 I spoke with a lady this morning only to find out they are going to charge me even more on top of an already large bill. $20.00 each month until my contract ends (Sept) so that will be another $50 added on then I was told there will be another $10 added for shipping. I wanted to be on the up n up with them only for them to charge me more...... I did not ask to lose my job and I didn't ask to... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Bobbijmac64's Picture   Bobbijmac64    0 Comments   Comments
  • Hassle to cancel an account

    So, I'm trying to close my father's DISH account since he passed away recently. I called several days ago, got placed on hold ------ forever. Called again today, explained the issue - sorry - only one group can handle cancellations - expected wait time: 24 minutes (on my cell phone, during business hours, while I am trying to do business?). Went to the on-line chat - sorry - can only cancel the same way. Guess what, I am on hold, waiting, getting very frustrated. Once I have my father's cancelled - I will also be cancelling my personal DISH account until they figure out a... More...
    TimLaL's Picture   TimLaL    0 Comments   Comments
  • Harassed by rude Customer Service Rep

    I called Dish to get a price for their service as I am considering switching from DirecTV. I called the number and spoke to "Elizabeth". She was borderline rude and snapped at me with questions when I didn't answer the way she liked. At the end of the conversation she gave me a price, I said "thank You and Goodbye". She called me back and said "do i want to sign up" and I said i would think about it. She pushed me more and finally i said " you were borderline rude, and I do not want to deal with you". I again said thank you and goodbye. That was... More...
    ScottM's Picture   ScottM    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish-cancellation procedure

    spent appx 2 hours 2 days in a row trying to get my dish satelite tv cancelled, repeatedly put on hold or transfered, cut off, worst phone system ever, total of 8 people between 2 days & 1 supervison Keith texas, AA0, we are moving no longer want dish, poor service----was repeatedly asked why I wanted to cancel one person would transfer me to another. I asked different associates if they could stay on the line due to being cut-off on, hold too long, said couldnt, last 2 service people did, Apparently they want to force you to talk to a person who then trys to convince you to stay with... More...
    wyldrose8888's Picture   wyldrose8888    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dish lied to get me to sign up

    The Dish TV sales rep quoted me a price and said it was good for 2 years. The emailed contract said it was good for 1 year. I called back and spoke to a "customer service expert" who said they never offer prices like that for 2 years. So the sales rep must've lied just to get me to sign up. The "service expert" said they could not offer those kind of prices or they would go out of business. That is not my problem. If that's what the sales rep promised me then that's what I should get. All they have to do is pull the recording of our conversation and... More...
    hildaschmilda's Picture   hildaschmilda    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dishs unscrupulous buisness practices

    I first contacted dish after dumping att for inconsistant billing practices.Initally all I wanted was internet but was told I had to have sat first so I signed up.The rep first put my closed e-mail account down for my billing contact knowing it was closed. Everything was fine,even when severe storms and 60mph winds I never lost service; until I cancelled the promo package. Then my service would go out with the sun shining and no wind. After five calls and more than five hours on the promise of fixing it over the sattelite, no joy. After fourteen months and untold hours on the phone... More...
    lancem777's Picture   lancem777    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst service & customer service ever!

    Dish Network is the worst in any and every conceivable way. I have had their service for one year. During that time, I had nine months of poor reception, constant outages, constantly pixelating TV. It was absolutely horrible. After these quality issues were finally worked out, the billing issues began. I have not received a CORRECT bill in months - of course the bill always shows MORE than I actually owe. I have to spend time each month reviewing each and every charge. Then it usually takes an hour or more talking to multiple reps on the phone to get it straightened out. Each month the... More...
    MVer's Picture   MVer    0 Comments   Comments
  • not promised by dish

    Not a free anything. Hoper... $200.00 hoper plus $10.00 lease a month. each joey $7.00 lease per month. HD channels free?.. terrible picture, unless you have premium channels. You can watch 3 tv at one time the fourth tv has to see the same as the third. It's not cheap at all if you want decent service pay up to $150 24 month commitment, that I wouldn't mind if I was getting what I want. Promises, promises..... More...
    pako's Picture   pako    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor billing practices

    When I signed up for DISH, I was told my bill would be $41 a month for basic cable service. I signed up so they could withdraw money from my account each month. I am now four months into the service, and they have taken more than $41 each time, even though I have spoken to them three times about doing so. The last time, In early November, a manager promised they would not take more than $41. They took $53 this month. More...
    (Cable TV)
    heaterjay1's Picture   heaterjay1    0 Comments   Comments
  • DISH Promotions and Sign Up prices are lies. Do not trust them.

    I signed up for DISH online and was quoted a price of $30.99. My monthly bill came to $52.17. Luckily I saved my online chat with a representative. I suggest if you sign up online, save the chat so you can refer to it later. DISH lies about pricing. You will be shocked when your first bill arrives. When I complained I was discussing the matter for over 2 hours. The new representative said I did not sign up for paperless billing even though they had already paperlessly deducted money from my bank account. The online representative also confirmed that I was in fact signed up for... More...
    justsuzie13's Picture   justsuzie13    2 Comments   Comments


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